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Products categories

Large bags6
Medium bags5
Small bags6
Travel bags
Small small bags1
Leather and fabric bags
Bags & pouches for men
Stylish handbags
Fur bags
Big fur bags
Small fur bags
Heavy leather belts12
Guitar belts3
Soft leather belts1
Artistic belts
Belts with inserts5
Jewel belts1
Satin fur hats1
Long-haired hats12
Household items
Paintings engraved with dry painting booth and paintings
Leather baskets
Lamps and lights
Bottle Holder
Cowhide jewelry pendants
Leather pillows
Leather recipe book
Desk items
Leather pen holder
Container Labeling4
Notes covered with leather
Leather-covered books
Small leather goods
Tabac Bag
Sunglasses Visor Clip3
Leather hair
Fashion Jewellery
Various bracelets with semi-precious stones
Four wires, bracelets with semi-precious stones2
Bracelets with four mother-of-Pearl flowers2
Bracelets with welded spider9
Brass chain bracelets and pendants of pietra dura4
Bracelets with bells10
Bracelets with large beads and semi-precious stones4
With candy bracelets9
Candy necklaces with pendant7
Chains in washes with filigree pendant5
Cultured pearl necklaces and watermark4
Necklaces with bells8
Necklace in cultured pearls and brass pendant5
Hammered circle necklace and Spider Web5
High fashion necklaces
Necklaces with welded brass and hammered and semi-precious genuine6
Necklaces with large stones3
Welded brass rings and semi-precious genuine23
Brass soldered pendants1
Pendants with mother-of-Pearl dot flower6
Large Butterfly pendants with stones1
Pendants with cobwebs and rubber3
Flower pendant with white mother-of-Pearl leaves1
Pendants with brass figures8
Small Butterfly pendants with stones8
Small-flowered pendants with beads3
Irregular flower pendants, with leaves of mother-of-Pearl and semi-precious stones2
Various semi-precious earrings
Greco-Roman, earrings in brass28
Greco-Roman earrings, copper1
Leather cuffs
Fur cuffs
Cuffs rolled into Burin
Leather cuffs
Jewel cuffs
Set bags and leather goods
Archive products sold280
Fur muffs and stoles7

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